The Global Egg Trade

The market for women's eggs is booming. But wide differences in price and poor regulation over human egg donations have created an international black market for eggs

Seduced by the Sex Worker Link

Sometimes certain information can propel itself forward regardless of its factual accuracy. In this case, one single sliver of hearsay printed four years ago sparked an entire body of academic literature that on closer inspection has no basis in reality.

International Baby Maker

Technological advances in fertility offer increasingly broad markets, presenting soon-to-be expectant parents with an array of options for genetics and conception.

Importing Egg Donors from Ukraine to Cyprus

Though human egg harvesting is legal in Cyprus, one clinic comes under fire for violation of even lax Cypriot guidelines, including allegations of dangerous over-harvesting and over-stimulation of patients.

Vulnerable to Recruiting

Low income women with few other means of supporting themselves or their families are most vulnerable to selling into the dangerous human egg trade.

Meeting Natasha: The Scout

With no other means of income, illegal Russian immigrants in Cyprus often resort to a dangerous yet relatively lucrative option: selling their eggs.

Unpacking the Global Human Egg Trade

Modern fertility technology has made parenthood a possibility for thousands more people, but it has also created a lucrative market -- and ethically questionable -- global trade in human genetic material. 

The Cyprus Scramble: An Investigation into Human Egg Markets

Through a trick of favorable currency exchange and lax laws the island nation of Cyprus is one of the fastest expanding markets for human eggs. Here an implantation costs between $8,000 and $14,000. In the U.S. the price floats between $20,000 and $30,000.

The Price of White Eggs

The price of a human egg depends on the characteristics of the donor. Eggs harvested from white college students can sell for as much as $100,000. But there’s a cheaper way to get them.

Museum of Current Crises

This lesson plan outlines a project that allows students the opportunity to connect with a contemporary crisis somewhere in the world.