At San Diego State University, the professional program in journalism, advertising, and public relations has existed since the 1950s, with the original Department of Journalism being accredited by ACEJMC in 1971. Since that time, what is now the School of Journalism & Media Studies has supplied personnel for media industries in San Diego and for organizations around the world.

The School of Journalism & Media Studies is driven by a shared vision, encompassing five overarching values that today remain encapsulated in both the School’s vision and mission statements: (1) engage with the community; (2) communicate ethically and professionally; (3) understand diversity in a global world; (4) think and reflect critically about the media; and (5) embrace technology to serve the public good. Today, the School is a vibrant mix of about 600 undergraduate students in four different programs—advertising, journalism, media studies, and public relations. We also have graduate students in mass communication and media studies and in learning design and technology.

Among the faculty are nationally and internationally renowned scholars who publish in highly ranked journals, routinely win awards, obtain external grants, and have produced the top textbooks in the field. In addition to their regular scholarship, service, and teaching, the School’s faculty support several marquee programs, including: (1) bilingual mass media writing; (2) media entrepreneurship; and (3) the Glen M. Broom Center for Professional Development in Public Relations.