Glendale Community College is the Greater Los Angeles region's premier learning community where all students can achieve their informed educational goals. In 1926, higher education was reserved for a relative few, but farsighted citizens in Glendale recognized the need to open doors to academic and vocational instruction to a broader base in the community. Today Glendale Community College serves over 18,000 enrolled students in various learning and professional pathways while providing outstanding educational opportunities found in few community colleges. Comprised of a diverse student body, GCC is a Hispanic-Serving Institution nestled in a region known for having the largest population of Americans of Armenian descent in the United States. Glendale Community College is devoted to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility to support students' success in every facet of their educational experience.
At Glendale, the Journalism program serves a diverse student body that reflects both the campus and the Los Angeles community. Students learn to report and write the news, gain valuable experience that will apply in careers stretching from communications to public relations, and work with experts in the field. Glendale Community College's various journalism classes focus on newsgathering, reporting, newspaper design, news photography, digital journalism, and teamwork. Students, in collaboration with their faculty advisor and professor, produce newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and more. In their reporting, they seek to touch on many facets of campus life that can include sensitive topics, such as gender, race, and disenfranchisement. In this, students have the opportunity to network with other students, staff, and expert faculty outside of journalism in their newsgathering process.
The Pulitzer Center will work with the Journalism and History Departments at Glendale Community College to facilitate a vibrant and comprehensive educational program to support students reporting specifically on gender issues. Aligning with the mission of GCC, the Pulitzer Center will contribute to both the student community and the Los Angeles region by bringing award-winning journalists to campus for public programs. The Center will offer a reporting fellowship to one outstanding student who can report on any topic involving gender from a location of their choice.
As a Campus Consortium partner, Glendale Community College students will have the benefit of professional development opportunities and mentorship from seasoned journalists while being guided by devoted faculty on campus. Students who are part of the Pulitzer Center Campus Consortium program at GCC will focus on gender as part of a broader global-interest reporting program.