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Lesson Plan July 22, 2015

What is it like to be a refugee and how can we help spread the word about the problems refugees face?



Questions for "World Refugee Day: Waking Up the International Community"

Answer while you read:

  1. When is World Refugee Day?
  2. How many people have been displaced from their homes in the past year?
  3. Which 2 countries have the largest amount of refugees?  
  4. What kinds of things are being done in an effort to help refugees?

Reflect after you read:

  1. How can you help to make people aware of World Refugee Day?
  2. What can you or your class do to support the plight of refugees all over the world?
  3. What surprised you most when you read this article?

Questions for "Syrian Diaspora in a Troubled Europe"

Answer while you read:

  1. Using context clues from the reading what is diaspora?
  2. Using context clues, what does it mean to “seek asylum”?
  3. Where are most Syrians seeking asylum?

Reflect after you read:

  1. Why are European countries so reluctant to let refugees into their country?  
  2. Do you think accepting refugees is Europe’s problem and the world’s problem to take care of? Explain your opinion.

Questions for "Jordan’s Other Refugees"

Reflections as you go through the slideshow:

  1. Which picture is most powerful?  Why?
  2. Which picture surprised you most?  Why?
  3. Do pictures help your understanding of this topic?  Explain.

Questions for "Ethiopia: Somali Refugees Flee al-Shabab Violence"

Answer during the video:

  1. What caused Somalis to flee to Ethiopia?
  2. What is average stay in a refugee camp?
  3. What group is Dr. Levy working with?
  4. What is the approximate number of  Somalis in the camp?
  5. At one point, what was the mortality rate at the “makeshift” hospital?
  6. What are some of the health problems at the hospital?

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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees



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Food Security

Food Security