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Lesson Plan January 7, 2019

Video Discussion: Exploring Democracy with Formerly Incarcerated People


Objective: Students will view and analyze a video in which photojournalist Andrea Bruce and a group of formerly incarcerated individuals discuss incarceration and the American voting system.

Inquiry Questions:

  • What is the relationship between community and democracy?
  • What does democracy mean to the disenfranchised?

Warm-up: Questions that engage students in accessing their prior knowledge and beliefs about democracy, voting and incarceration.

Viewing and Analysis: Screening and discussion of video featuring Andrea Bruce and the Lifeline community in Memphis, Tennessee. Graphic organizer included.

Discussion and Synthesis: Suggestions for facilitating a discussion. Graphic organizers included.

Extension Activities: Additional video resources in which members of the Lifeline community share more about their stories. Opportunities for students to examine democracy and incarceration issues in their own lives and communities.