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Lesson Plan April 2, 2018

Surprising Solutions to Air Pollution in China



  1. Warm up:  Students notice the air around them, wonder about pollution in the air and predict what might be causing pollution in China. Students check their predictions by reviewing a resource from National Geographic.
  2. Introducing the Resource: Students review the article "China's Surprising Solutions to Clean Air" by Beth Gardiner for National Geographic and use a graphic organizer to track details from the article.
  3. Discussion Questions: Students analyze details from the article, evaluate the structure of the article, and explore connections between issues presented in their article and issues facing their own communities.
  4. Extension Activities: 
    * A Letter Demanding Action: Students research and write a letter to a political leader about actions they think should be taken to combat air pollution.
    Creating Pollution Art: Students review an article about ways that artists are responding to pollution in China, and then brainstorm art projects that they can create to reflect how pollution is impacting their communities.


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Environment and Climate Change