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Lesson Plan August 31, 2015

Structuring Reporting on War Crimes in Sri Lanka



Questions for “Sri Lanka: No Fire Zone Trailer”

  1. What is the film about?
  2. What do you learn about the film from the trailer?
  3. What questions do you still have?

Questions for “Sri Lanka: Witness to War Crimes”

  1. What can you infer about the cause of the conflict in Sri Lanka from the first paragraph?
  2. How did the government prepare for the attack on the Tamil people?
  3. Why was there little coverage of the attack right when it happened?
  4. What were the “no fire zones”?
  5. How is word finally getting out about the war crimes?
  6. How is the tone of this article informed by its structure? How does it differ from the trailer?

Questions for “Sri Lanka: Slaughter in No Fire Zone”

  1. How long did the war in Sri Lanka last?
  2. Who was it between?
  3. Who are the Tamil Tigers and what was their role in the violence?
  4. How does Macrae use specific imagery/stories in this article to communicate his purpose?
  5. What do you think is the author’s purpose for this article? What evidence leads to that conclusion?
  6. How did the Tamil Tigers form and why?
  7. How does the author use lists near the close of the article to achieve his purpose? What do the lists describe and what role do they play?
  8. What is the author’s personal connection to the story?
  9. What do you think the author wants from the reader?

Questions for “Stalling Justice in Sri Lanka”

  1. What has changed in the country?
  2. What does the author suggest is keeping the international community from addressing the violence in Sri Lanka?
  3. What does the author worry will happen if the investigation into war crimes is left to the Sri Lankan government?
  4. What does the author suggest that Sri Lanka should do to demonstrate that it plans to address the violence citizens faced under the previous regime?

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