Questions for "A Deadly Cycle-Drama on the Streets of Jakarta"

  1. On average, how many people a day die in auto crashes in Jakarta?
  2. How many motorcycles are on the roads in Indonesia? How many cars?
  3. Why do pedestrians walk on streets instead of sidewalks?
  4. What do officials in Jakarta do to encourage carpooling?

Questions for "Afghanistan: Why Are Traffic Accidents and Road Fatalities Underreported?"

  1. What catastrophe did the author almost witness?
  2. Why do people not talk about road safety?
  3. What do accidental vehicle deaths have to compete with on the news?

Questions for "Negotiating Traffic in Beirut"

  1. What does it mean if a driver flashes his/her headlights at a pedestrian in Lebanon?
  2. What are some reasons one would tap their horn in Lebanon?
  3. What is the rate of people that die from an auto accident in Lebanon per 100,000 people?

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