Lesson Plan September 11, 2015

Ocean Health and Overfishing



Introducing the Lesson: Why are oceans important, and what do you already know about them?

Section 1: Investigate the World

  • Students will...explore overfishing and shark endangerment.
  • Understand how human activities impact the oceans.
  • Detemine central ideas in a text and understand how supporting ideas are used to develop a strong message.

Section 2: Recognize Perspectives

  • Students will...understand the definition of perspective.
  • Practice seeing overfishing from differing points of view.

Section 3: Communicate Ideas

  • Students will...collect ocean health data and use that data to create a message.
  • Communicate this message effectively with diverse audiences.

Section 4: Take Action

  • Students will...use recently developed communication to create a plan to improve ocean conditions.

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Environment and Climate Change


Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change