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Lesson Plan August 17, 2015

Obama’s Plan to Feed the World’s Poorest



Questions for "New Approach to Food Aid: DuPont, U.S. Help African Farmers"

  1. How is the Feed the Future initiative helping farmers in countries like Ethiopia?
  2. What does DuPont gaining in return?
  3. What are the PROS of Feed the Future in Ethiopia?
  4. What are the CONS of Feed the Future in Ethiopia?
  5. Do you agree with the initiative being put forth by DuPont?

Questions for "USAID in Ethiopia: Feed the Future"

  1. What problems exist for women farmers?
  2. How is Feed the Future supporting women farmers in Ethiopia?
  3. Why is it so critical to have a voice for these female farmers?
  4. What are some PROS and CONS of this initiative for female farmers?

Questions for "Ethiopia and Guatemala: Fragile Future for Food Aid"

Answer while you read:

  1. Why is Congress reluctant to authorize appropriating money for this program?  
  2. What problems does this program face in Ethiopia?  In Guatemala?

Reflect after you read:

  1. Do you think the Feed the Future initiative will work?
  2. What are some other ideas to improve the current program or combat world hunger?

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Food Security
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