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Lesson Plan September 16, 2020

Local Letters for Global Change: A Pulitzer Center Writing Contest



Contest submission guidelines: 

1. Go to and choose a news story about an issue affecting another part of the world. When choosing your news story, consider: Why does this news story matter to you? How is the issue it describes relevant to your local community? See below for some suggested stories.

2. Write a one-page letter to a local elected representative using this letter-writing template. See below for contest details.

3. To enter, use this Google form. It will request some basic personal/contact information, and you can copy/paste your letter directly into the form. If this form is not accessible to you, email

4. Your representatives' contact information is available online. After sending your letter to the Pulitzer Center, consider mailing or emailing your letter to them directly!


Friday, November 13th 11:59PM EST

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