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Lesson Plan April 11, 2016

Lesson Plan: Reporting Violence in Kenya and in My Community



Questions for "Al Shabaab Exploits Kenya's Divisions to Wage War"

  1. Where is Al Shabaab based? What does it do?
  2. What are the police searching for on the border of Kenya and Somalia?
  3. Why did Kenya invade Somalia in 2011?
  4. What is a VBIED?
  5. Why did the man interviewed from Al Shabaab join the organization? What does he say is the mission of Al Shabaab?
  6. What happened at Garissa university? What was the justification by Al Shabaab?
  7. How does the film describe the treatment of people in Northern Kenya, many of whom are ethnically Somali?
  8. What is the impact of police searches on some ethnically Somali citizens?
  9. What does the community member interviewed mean when he says, "When a community feels like prey, it becomes the hunter.”

Questions for "How Al Shabaab is Recruiting Young Men from Kenya"

  1. How did Al Shabaab form?
  2. Why did youth begin joining the organization?
  3. How did Abdul become a member of Al Shabaab? Why did he become a member?
  4. Community organizer Robert Ochola describes a “battle” in his community. What is that battle?
  5. In what other ways are community members combating Al Shabaab?

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