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Lesson Plan August 3, 2017

Lesson Plan: The impacts of water crises in China and Flint, MI



As you watch the "Meet the Journalist" video, answer the following questions:

  1. What is the focus of Sharron’s project?

  2. How much of the country’s water resources are in the south?

  3. Why is there less access to water in the north?

  4. How is China addressing the lack of water in the north?

  5. How many people would be affected by the water transfer project?

  6. What is Sharron’s approach for reporting this issue? Why did she pick this focus?

As you watch the Foreign Policy video, answer the following questions:

  1. What evidence of a water shortage in northern China is presented in the film?

  2. What are the arguments for the water project?

  3. What are the arguments against the water project?

  4. What challenges do southern farmers and fishermen face in the areas the government has asked them to move to?

  5. What is China doing to protect water quality in settlements? What are the impacts on locals that were asked to move?

  6. What does the interview subject near the end of the film mean when he says, “I’d like to return to our old life, but I can’t”?


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