Introducing the Lesson:

This video is the inspiration of this project. It would be kind of cool to present the project in a similar way to this.

This is another route that people are taking to get into the United States, which is by taking freight trains that run from Mexico to Florida. 

This website talks about the routes that people take to go from their country to the Darien Gap. The picture below is in the article and can be used in the project so people can see some routes. 

This article details a lot of the issues that people face while trying to travel to the U.S. 

This is another article about crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. 

This is a personal story of someone who tried to cross the border and the paranoia of getting caught by immigration. 

This article shows the hardship people face with pictures that could be used. 

Here they are shedding light on the presidential debate and how easily people forget about the human side of immigration. The article shows pictures of items that were found that belonged to people who died while trying to get into the U.S.

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