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Lesson Plan September 2, 2020

Interview Techniques for Telling Under-reported Stories



Warm-up: Reflecting on the definition of news, what stories we see, what stories go under-reported, and how to seek out those stories.

Interviewing Like a Journalist: Exploring a video about using interviews to research and tell under-reported stories.

Introducing the Lesson: Analyzing how journalist Natasha S. Alford uses interviews in her journalistic writing, and why.

Planning and Conducting Your Own Interview: Putting tips from Natasha S. Alford into practice by planning, conducting, and editing a journalistic interview.

Extension Activities:

1. Analyzing interviews and writing an essay on the role of interviews in journalism.
2. Conducting interviews in order to report a full story on an issue in your community.

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Racial Justice


Racial Justice

Racial Justice