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Lesson Plan August 16, 2019

Finding a Common Thread: How People Around the World Get Their Food



Warm-up: Discuss accessibility to food in your own community and in other diverse communities. 

Activity- Exploring Global Stories: 

1. The Challenges: Outrage and Inspire & Vietnam: Farm School, followed by discussion questions. 

2. The Solutions: In Ghana, a Bumper Crop of Opinions on Genetically Modified Cowpea & Future of Food: This Genetically Engineered Salmon May Hit U.S. Markets As Early As 2020, followed by discussion questions. 

Closing Discussion: Reflect on the similarities and differences between your community and the communities you just read about.

Extension Activities:

1. Visit a Community Garden: Learn about community gardening as a solution to the challenge of inaccessibiltiy to fresh produce.

2. In-class Research: Research the ingredients that make up your favorite food and find out what the challenges and solutions are to producing it.

3. Sustainability Skits: Create and perform skits based on tips for sustainable eating. 

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Food Security

Food Security