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Lesson Plan July 29, 2015

Differing Accounts of Conflict Over Land Rights in Mali



Questions for "Meet the Journalist: Chris Arsenault"

  1. Where does the video take place? What’s special about this location in Mali?
  2. What is the journalist covering? What is the land deal being studied?
  3. What happened with the land deal the journalist is studying?
  4. What challenges does the journalist face in his investigation?

Questions for “In Pictures: Unearthing a Libyan Land Deal in Mali”

  1. According to the article, how many people in Mali don’t have enough to eat?
  2. What area of Mali are foreign investors interested in and why?
  3. What is the argument for bringing investors to the country?
  4. What is the argument against bringing foreign investors to the country?
  5. What does Malian law say about land ownership?
  6. What would have been the proposed deal with Libya?
  7. How many droughts has the country faced in the past decade?

Questions for “How One Malian Town is Trying to Fight Against Hunger”

  1. How is climate change affecting Mali?
  2. What technologies have people put in place to combat climate change?
  3. What is the government’s role in helping the Mali villagers?
  4. What innovations have the people put in place to combat the lack of water?
  5. What was the rate of population growth over the past ten years?
  6. What percentage of Mali’s workforce are farmers?

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Land Rights

Land Rights
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Peace Initiatives