Resource April 29, 2015

Meet the Journalist: Chris Arsenault


Image by Chris Arsenault. Mali, 2015.

In 2009, Libya bought 100,000 hectares of prime territory in Mali in what critics consider a "land...

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Journalist Chris Arsenault talks with residents of a village inside the Malibya concession. Many worried they could be displaced if the project starts again. Image by Chris Arsenault. Mali, 2015.

What happens when investors look for land deals in Africa? In 2008, Libya's then leader Moammar Qaddafi purchased 100,000 hectares of prime farm land in Mali. Some Mali residents welcomed the investment because it provided jobs. Others were not happy to see their crops shipped out of the country. But with Libya in a state of collapse and multiple factions vying for control of Mali, who owns what is not clear. Pulitzer Center grantee Arsenault explains.


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Land Rights
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