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Lesson Plan March 7, 2017

The Dangers of Being an Environmental Activist



1. Who was Berta Cáceres?

  • What influences shaped her activism?
  • How did Berta Cáceres' Lenca, political, and environmental work and viewpoints relate to each other? How did her outreach and actions represent an overarching philosophy?

2. What was she campaigning against when she was killed?

  • According to the Honduran government, who killed Cáceres?
  • According to her friends, family, and various non-profit organizations, who killed her and why?
  • What is Berta Cáceres' legacy?
  • Was she the only activist killed in Honduras?

3. What factors led to Honduras being labeled the deadliest county for environmental activists?

  • Government (including military)
  • Economic
  • Foreign governments and companies

4. What role did these factors play in Cáceres' death?

5. Is this issue unique to Honduras? 

  • What other examples are referenced in the article?
  • Can you think of any recent examples of environmental activism? Were they similar or different from Cáceres' story?

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