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Lesson Plan February 18, 2021

Curricular Materials for The 1619 Project Law School Initiative



Pulitzer Center Staff

The 1619 Project Law School Initiative focuses on curricular resources crafted by law school students and their professors to introduce The 1619 Project and spark frank conversations about the legacy of slavery in legal education. The aim of this collaborative work with Howard University School of Law and the University of Miami School of Law is to make the case for an interdisciplinary approach to legal studies that draws upon sobering histories, journalism, and public discourse, and creates better lawyers and a more just society. 

The 1619 Project Law School Initiative modules are designed to fill voids, enhance educational material, and inspire critical thinking, especially about the historical insights and perspectives that are missing in our understanding of contemporary issues.

Please visit the permanent home for these materials through the link below.

Educator Notes:

The 1619 Project Law School Initiative is a partnership of the Pulitzer Center, Howard University School of Law, and University of Miami School of Law. The initiative is also part of the Racial Justice initiative by the Squire Patton Boggs Foundation and its Deans’ Circle.

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