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Lesson Plan August 31, 2015

Conflicting Opinions on Sanctions in Iran



Questions for “Iranians have a very different view of their national security”

  1. How does the author present conflicting viewpoints in the piece?
  2. Who is interviewed and what do they say?
  3. How does that communicate the purpose?

Questions for “Here’s What Iranians Hope and Fear about Future Western Sanctions”

  1. Where does the article begin?
  2. How much were Iranians paying for pharmaceuticals on the black market? Why?
  3. What are sanctions?
  4. How did the U.S. policy on sanctions change in 2011?
  5. What were the effects of tightened sanctions in Iran?
  6. What are the terms of the U.S. lifting its sanctions against Iran?
  7. What are concerns from Iranians about the deal?
  8. Where does the article end and how does it relate to the opening image?

Questions for “Dreaming Big in Iran’s Grand Bazaar”

  1. Who does the author interview first and what is his opinion of the lifting sanctions?
  2. According to an opinion poll, what percentage of Iranians want sanctions lifted?
  3. Why do sanctions lead to higher costs for Iranians?
  4. What actions by the Iranian government led to inflation?
  5. What is the Iranian government doing to curb inflation?
  6. What does the article claim is a U.S. fear about lowered inflation in Iran?
  7. How does the article conclude and how does it relate to the opening image?

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Nuclear Threats


Nuclear Threats

Nuclear Threats