Answer the following questions after reading the introduction to Shulman's article:

  1. How does the section begin? Why do you think it begins this way? What is the tone? And what word choices contribute to cultivating that tone?
  2. How does Shulman use contrast?
  3. How does Shulman balance narrative storytelling with facts? Why do you think she chooses this structure?

Answer the following questions as your read the full article "While Other Countries Turn Syrian Refugees Away, Canadians Are Taking Them Home"

  1. How does the author start the piece? Why do you think the author starts with this image?
  2. What are the some of the challenges that the Syrian family is facing? How are the community members supporting the family as they face these challenges?
  3. Why did Amir and Raghda leave Syria? How did they ultimately get to Canada?
  4. How the Canadian families plan for the Syrian family’s arrival? What strategies did they use?
  5. Is this plan something that is being replicated in the U.S.? Why or why not?

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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees