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Lesson Plan March 18, 2020

Climate Change and the Great Lakes: Identity and Home


Warm-up: Reflecting on ideas of home and community identity.

Introducing the Lesson: Consider climate change's effects on the Great Lakes region.

Introducing Resource 1: Comprehension questions for the article “On the Largest Freshwater Island in the World, Lake Huron’s Native Americans Warn of the Fragility of Water”

Introducing Resource 2: Comprehension questions for the article “Homeowners Near the Great Lakes Face a ‘Very Scary” Challenge: How Do You Handle a Generation’s Worth of Water Level Changes in Just a Few Years?”

Activity: Tracking how the homes, identities, and livelihoods of different communities are being impacted by climate change.

Discussion: Considering the effects of climate change, and the responsibility to take action.

Extension Activities:

1. Creative Writing: Writing in the voice of one of the Great Lakes

2. Persuasive Writing: Arguing for or against a bill to protect Lake Erie

3. Take Action: Reading more about climate change and creating an awareness campaign

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Bringing Stories Home

Bringing Stories Home


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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change