Bringing Stories Home: News from the Midwest

Use the story finder below to explore Pulitzer Center-supported reporting published by local outlets in your region. You can choose a news story based on the state you live in or your interest in the topic it covers. After exploring your chosen story, return to the reflection and discussion questions on this page to reflect on the story, the issues it covers, and the power and purpose of local news.

State Reporting News Outlet Media Issues
Illinois Government System for Protecting Farmworkers Plagued by Staff Turnover and Lack of Outreach Investigate Midwest Text and data visualizations Health
Migration and Refugees
Illinois Evanston’s Lead Pipes called an Environmental Justice Concern Evanston RoundTable Text Health
Racial Justice
Indiana Climate Change Threatens Drinking Water Quality Across the Great Lakes The Conversation Text Environment and Climate Change
Iowa When Is a Lynching a Lynching?
*Content warning: Descriptions of racial violence
The Guardian Photo and text Racial Justice 
Kansas What Kansas City Can Learn From Dakar, Amsterdam and Memphis About Naming Streets for MLK KCUR Audio, text, and photo Racial Justice 
Michigan Tracked and Traced: Safety vs. Surveillance in Dearborn Public Schools
*Content warning: Mentions of gun violence
WDET Audio and text Children and Youth
Racial Justice
Artificial Intelligence
Minnesota Conservation vs. Copper: Minnesota Town Debates Its Future With a Mine The Christian Science Monitor Text and photo Health
Environment and Climate Change
Missouri After 10 Years, This St. Louis Woman Finally Lands an Affordable, Safe Place To Call Home St. Louis Public Radio Audio, text, and photo Racial Justice
Nebraska For One Small Town, Moving To Protect Itself From Future Flooding Is Illegal Iowa Public Radio Audio, text, and photo Environment and Climate Change 
North Dakota In North Dakota, A Changing Climate Threatens Crop Diversity KCUR Audio, text, and photo Trade
Environment and Climate Change
Ohio Within Reach
*Content warning: Discussion of drug dependency
N/A Photo and text Health
South Dakota With Their Boots on the Ground, South Dakota Farmers Weather Changing Climate Iowa Public Radio Video, audio, photo, and text Trade
Environment and Climate Change
Wisconsin ‘Forever Chemicals’ Are a Growing Problem. Here’s What We Found When We Tested Wisconsin’s Drinking Water. Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel Photo and text Health