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Pulitzer Center Update August 1, 2011

Winston-Salem Journal Features "Voices of Haiti" in Advance of NBTF Premiere


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A post-quake exploration through poetry. A special feature with poetry by Kwame Dawes, photography...

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Image by Andre Lambertson. Haiti, 2010.

<p>The Winston-Salem Journal reports on the premiere of "Voices of Haiti" at the National Black Theatre Festival after interviewing poet Kwame Dawes and Pulitzer Center Executive Director Jon Sawyer. Voices is a multimedia performance with poems by Kwame Dawes, photographs by Andre Lambertson, and music by composer Kevin Simmonds and soprano Valetta Brinson. Dawes and Lambertson, both Pulitzer Center grantees, traveled to Haiti in the wake of the earthquake to gather material for their project.</p><p>Visit the Winston-Salem Journal website to read more about the <a href="">performance</a>.</p&gt;


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