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2024 Campus Consortium Reporting Fellows will report from 26 countries

We’re proud and excited to announce the new cohort of 2024 Campus Consortium Fellows! Coming from journalism schools, HBCUs, schools of public health, community colleges, state universities, and liberal arts colleges, our 46 Fellows have chosen an extraordinary range of subjects. They will report on climate adaptation in Mongolia, Nepal, Greenland, and Nigeria. They’ll examine health care and disparities among Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and East African immigrants in Sweden, and human rights issues in Italy, Denmark, Finland, Guyana, and Peru. Others will stay closer to home, covering campus protests in New York or the sanctuary movement in Illinois.

Reporting Fellow alums, Pulitzer Center editors, and the Campus Consortium Advisory Council offered reporting tips during a weeklong virtual orientation for the Fellows—everything from “be open to cultural traditions and mores different from your own” to “verify, verify, verify.” These tips and advice will serve them well, not only now but in their future careers.

Karima Haynes, our new Reporting Fellows director, will help guide them throughout their Fellowship. She brings extensive experience in reporting and editing, at the Los Angeles Times and EBONY Media, and more recently as a journalism professor at Bowie State University.

I’ve no doubt our Fellows will go on to produce amazing articles, documentaries, multimedia, and field notes: stories that represent diverse voices, stories that build community, and stories that help us find solutions to some of the greatest challenges that face our world. 

A highlight of their Fellowship will be gathering in person in October for Washington Weekend to discuss their reporting and to network with professional journalists.

Working with our Reporting Fellows over the years has been such a privilege. I am deeply grateful to them for asking important questions and telling stories that matter. A big thank-you to Program Manager Libby Moeller, Program Coordinator Jazmyn Gray, the Campus Consortium team, and the entire Pulitzer Center staff for supporting the Fellows in so many ways. Many thanks as well to the Pulitzer Center grantees who serve as their advisers. Your mentorship has been instrumental in developing the next generation of journalists.

And to all this year’s Fellows, may your reporting journey be fruitful. Welcome to the Pulitzer Center community.


Kem Sawyer Sig


After participating in a series of student engagements, teaching activities, and public discussions on Pulitzer Center-supported stories, a senior lecturer at the Journalism School of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) in Tangerang, Indonesia, shared that he and other faculty members felt inspired to create a learning and research center focused on the environment. On June 6, 2024, UMN and Kehati, a leading biodiversity conservation and environmental organization in Indonesia, launched Nusantara Lestari, a new media and environment center. The launch marks a significant commitment to advancing environmental education at the university.  

Photo of the Week

Photo of Week 6/17

From the story “Civilian Harm.” Qaali Dahir Mohamed shows a picture of her nephew Mohamed Shilow Muse, far right, on her cellphone in Mogadishu, Somalia, on May 10, 2023. Qaali's sister and the boy's mother, Luul Dahir Mohamed, was killed along with her 4-year-old daughter in a drone strike in Somalia. In the attack, a secret U.S. task force mistook a woman and child for a man. Luul's relatives told The Intercept that, despite multiple pleas, they have never received compensation or an apology from the U.S. Image by Omar Faruk/The Intercept.

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