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Pulitzer Center Update June 15, 2012

This Week in Review: Putin's Secret War

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Image by Ana Nemtsova. Russia, 2012.

A quiet war of attrition is taking place in the North Caucasus republic of Dagestan. Last year, 254 Russian security officers were killed in insurgency-related violence. Meanwhile, thousands of young men—and increasingly women—have been arrested for suspected involvement in jihadist activity; many of them have not been seen since. Covering this insurgency is not easy. Islamic militants roughed up Anna Nemtsova, the 2012 Persephone Miel fellow, who traveled to the region to report for Foreign Policy on an angry standoff at a police station between security police and the families of suspected militants. Anna said her notes and camera were taken but later returned. A colleague who fared worse had to be treated for shock and bruises in Moscow. According to Anna, "It was just another day in the violent conflict that most Russians aren't even aware is taking place within their own country."

The Miel Fellowship, overseen by the Pulitzer Center in collaboration with Internews, is designed to help media professionals outside the US do the kind of reporting they've always wanted to do, and to bring their work to a broader international audience.

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We were delighted to learn that Pulitzer Center grantee Dominic Bracco II has been named runner-up in the inaugural competition for the Getty Images and Chris Hondros Fund Award. Dominic was recognized for his documentary photography of troubled youth in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The judges praised Dominic's photojournalism for "creating a visual history that provokes thought, raises awareness and fosters understanding." First prize was won by Andrea Bruce, a freelance photographer who has worked mainly in Iraq and Afghanistan. The award honors the memory of Chris Hondros who, with fellow photojournalist Tim Hetherington, was killed last year while covering the uprising in Libya.

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On Monday, CBC Network's The National will air "The New Conquistadors," a special report by Pulitzer Center grantees Mellissa Fung and Lynn Burgess on the conflict between Canadian mining interests and local communities in Panama, part of our expanded coverage of extractive industries.

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The Pulitzer Center is seeking a Digital Outreach Specialist to direct the Center's online outreach initiatives with the goal of maximizing the impact of our international reporting projects and educational resources. Deadline: June 29th. See full details.

Until next week,

Tom Hundley
Senior Editor


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