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Pulitzer Center Update April 18, 2017

This Week: How a Corruption Investigation in Ukraine Fell Apart


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Maria Ivanova, one of 500 women who now make up Kyiv police. Image by Misha Friedman. Ukraine, 2015.

The Ukrainians who overthrew their president in 2014 were driven mainly by anger about corruption...

The Money Machine. Image courtesy of The Guardian. 2017.
The Money Machine. Image courtesy of The Guardian. 2017.

Stealing From the Poor

Oliver Bullough

Between $20 billion and $40 billion is stolen each year by corrupt public officials in some of the world's poorest countries. Most of it finds its way—via the tax and secrecy havens of Europe, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean—into the banking system, real estate and luxury goods markets of the West. Grantee Oliver Bullough reports on the sorry case of Ukraine, where the deposed government of Viktor Yanukovych made off with as much as $100 billion. The West's best efforts to track down the money and return it have been feeble.

Blessing's Journey

Ben Taub

In this video for The New Yorker, grantee Ben Taub discusses his remarkable story about Blessing, a 17-year-old Nigerian girl who journeyed across the Sahara and Mediterranean in search of a better future.

Starting Over in Haiti

Jacob Kushner and Allison Shelley

Soon after a 2010 earthquake displaced 1.5 million people in Haiti, a new city—Canaan—began to rise on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince. Grantees Jacob Kushner and Allison Shelley look at how urban life starts from scratch.


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Transparency and Governance


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