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Pulitzer Center Update April 13, 2022

Virtual Journalist Visit Opportunities for Arab American Heritage Month

Arab American Heritage Month graphic

In celebration of Arab American Heritage Month, we are featuring several journalists who have reported on relevant topics, and who would love to visit your classroom! Take a look at our featured guest speakers below, and click here to connect your class with a journalist.

Journalist Guest Speakers for Arab American Heritage Month

Journalists can share stories about Arab Americans and global issues within the Arab world and the diaspora, or discuss how their own identities inform their work.

  • Zahra Ahmad, an Iraqi-Irani journalist who traveled back to her homeland of Iraq to reunite with her father's family after a 20-year separation. Ahmad’s project explores her own identity, Middle Eastern culture, and the importance of reconnecting with one's ancestral roots. 
  • Amel Brahmi, a researcher, teaching assistant, and journalist who reported on the rise of women imams in the United States. 
  • Hana Elias, a Palestinian American filmmaker who produced a documentary that follows Somia Elrowmeim, a Yemeni immigrant in South Brooklyn. The film traces her rise as a political activist despite Islamophobia in her traditionally Republican district.
  • Abir Kopty, a Palestinian journalist who reported on Arab artists that recorded tracks from their homes during the lockdown. Artists used their music as a way to relieve stress and connect with people of all backgrounds.  
  • AJ Naddaff, a multimedia journalist who reported on the mental health of Muhammad Najem, a Syrian refugee known as the “Little Journalist,” and more generally of Syrians amid the war. 
  • Sarah Aziza, a journalist who reported on the struggle for gender rights in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Alice Su, a journalist who reported on Syrian refugees in Germany and the challenges they experience while observing the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in a new country.

NOTE: Due to availability, we cannot always guarantee a specific journalist, but we will work with you to suggest several options based on your goals and meeting times.

About the Virtual Journalist Visit Program

The Pulitzer Center offers free virtual journalist visits to K-12 schools worldwide. We have worked with more than a thousand journalists over the years, covering diverse topics and geographic regions, and we will match you with a journalist based on your request. We use many different platforms to connect, including Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams, and will work with you to identify the best technology for your learners. Virtual journalist visits are a great way to help students:

  • Understand how what they're studying affects people's lives
  • Learn how research, writing, critical thinking, multimedia, and more skills are used in journalism
  • Practice preparing and asking questions of an expert
  • Get excited about using the news to learn about the world
  • And much more!

                     Schedule your virtual visit!


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