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Pulitzer Center Update February 6, 2010 Highlights Pulitzer Center's Project: Report Contest

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Project: Report 2010 is a partnership between YouTube and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting...

Darragh Worland

The Pulitzer Center's Project: Report contest is featured in an article by Darragh Worland of Tonic, an online media company that covers the good that happens each day in neighborhoods all around the world.

Worland writes:

YouTube is teaming up with none other than the Pulitzer Center to run a two-part journalism competition for amateur videographers. Five grand prize winners will each be awarded $10,000 travel fellowships and the chance to showcase their work. The competition, dubbed Project: Report, launched this week and will take place over the next three months. It consists of two rounds, each with a reporting "assignment" to be posted on YouTube.

But here's our favorite part: the first assignment doesn't involve war reporting, or telling more stoires about financial doom and gloom. Rather, it's to document a day in the life of a "compelling person the world should meet and showcase how that person is making a positive impact in his or her community." The idea is to tell stories that might not otherwise be told and to share them with the world. Sound familiar? (That's what we aim to do at Tonic!)