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Pulitzer Center Update June 10, 2020

Threshold’s ‘The Refuge’ Announced as Peabody Award Winner

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Should we drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? Why? Why not? Who gets to decide...

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A polar bear near Kaktovik. Image by Nick Mott. United States, 2019.
A polar bear near Kaktovik. Image by Nick Mott. United States, 2019.

On June 10, 2020, Threshold's "The Refuge" was announced as a 2020 Peabody Award winner in the Podcast / Radio category. Led by Threshold founder and Pulitzer Center grantee Amy Martin, the "The Refuge" miniseries explores the contentious political, economic, and environmental debates surrounding oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). The team behind Threshold's "The Refuge" includes Pulitzer Center grantee Nick Mott

The 2020 Peabody Awards recognize "the most compelling and empowering stories released in broadcasting and digital media during 2019." Threshold's "The Refuge" was selected unanimously as one of 30 award winners by the Peabody Award jurors. 

"I'm so grateful to everyone who shared their stories with us, especially people in Kaktovik and Arctic Village," Martin affirmed in response to the award announcement. "The fight over the refuge isn't only about wilderness vs. development — there are long-standing social justice issues at play here, too. I hope this honor from Peabody helps to highlight how environmental stories are inseparable from issues of racism, colonialism, and human rights." 

For a full list of winners and additional information about this year's award, please visit Peabody's website.


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Environment and Climate Change