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Pulitzer Center Update March 10, 2010

Roberto (Bear) Guerra Nominated for National Magazine Award


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For the past two years, Bolivian President Evo Morales has shifted drug policy in Bolivia toward a...

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Roberto (Bear) Guerra has been nominated for a National Magazine Award in the photojournalism category for "The Young Mothers of Port-au-Prince," by Ruxandra Guidi, featuring photographs by Guerra. The piece was published by the Virginia Quarterly Review.

Although the Pulitzer Center did not sponsor this particular reporting, VQR editor Ted Genoways said "we never would have found Bear (and Ruxandra) without Pulitzer's recommendation." He continued: "That only underscores how dependent our work has become on the support you all offer. We're deeply grateful for that relationship."

Virginia Quarterly Review/American Society of Magazine Editors


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