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Pulitzer Center Update May 21, 2021

Pulitzer Center-Supported ‘1857 Project’ Honored at Silver Gavel Awards

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Gateway Journalism Review: 1857 Project

The 1857 Project tells the story of race in St. Louis, Missouri, and Illinois. The 1857 Dred Scott...

Illustrations of people imprisoned on a slave ship and hands in chains.
Illustration courtesy of Steve Edwards / Gateway Journalism Review.

William Freivogel, Steve Edwards, Amelia Blakely, and Kayla Chamness received an honorable mention in the Magazine category at the 2021 American Bar Association Silver Gavel Awards for their Pulitzer Center-supported reporting in The 1857 Project.

The 1857 Project appeared as a special issue of the Gateway Journalism Review that explored the history of race in St. Louis, Missouri, and Illinois. The project, inspired by The 1619 Project from The New York Times Magazine, derived its name from the year the Dred Scott decision wrote Black Americans out of the Constitution.

The American Bar Association presents these annual awards to recognize work that has been exemplary in helping to foster public understanding of law and the legal system. A full list of 2021 Silver Gavel awardees can be found here.


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