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Pulitzer Center Update April 5, 2021

Pulitzer Center Releases Q1 2021 Highlights

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A woman stands at the water's edge, an image of a leaf superimposed over her.
Image by Florence Goupil. Peru, 2020.


Click here for the full interactive report.

The use of innovative reporting techniques, from virtual-reality video to community-centered data journalism. In-depth engagement via online classroom visits with our journalists, professional development workshops for teachers, and reporting opportunities for students at our Campus Consortium partner schools. Compelling online interviews, webinars, and panel discussions, freely available to all our readers and viewers worldwide.

The highlights of our work in the first quarter of 2021, detailed below, are a portrait of the Pulitzer Center model in action. In the summaries and hyperlinks you’ll find amazing reporting, published in big global outlets—and in the smaller regional news organizations struggling to survive. You’ll encounter some of the most inspiring, engaged teachers and students we know. And most of all, you’ll see what a difference it makes when all of us—journalists, educators, donors, and my wonderful colleagues—work together.

I hope you’ll take a look. Give us your feedback on what we’re doing well—and where we can do better! Thank you all for being part of the Pulitzer Center community.

All best,