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Pulitzer Center Update September 21, 2023

Pulitzer Center Names 3 Chicago Journalists 2023 Longworth Media Fellows

"Chicago Sun-Times" reporter and Longworth Media Fellow Elvia Malagón. Image courtesy of Elvia Malagón.
Chip Mitchell
WBEZ reporter and Longworth Media Fellow Chip Mitchell. Image courtesy of Chip Mitchell.
WBEZ executive producer and Longworth Media Fellow Dan Tucker. Image courtesy of Dan Tucker.

The Pulitzer Center is pleased to announce that Chicago Public Media journalists Elvia Malagón, Chip Mitchell, and Dan Tucker have been selected as our 2023 Richard C. Longworth Media Fellows. 

A collaboration with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, the Richard C. Longworth Media Fellowships promote international reporting by Chicago and Midwestern journalists. Fellowships in the amount of $20,000 will be awarded each year, thanks to a grant provided by The Clinton Family Fund to honor Longworth, a former Chicago Tribune foreign correspondent and current Distinguished Fellow at the Chicago Council.

The fellowships aim to reconnect Midwestern readers with international stories that impact their daily lives. Years of financial pressure forced regional outlets to cut foreign correspondents from their staffs.

Malagón, Mitchell, and Tucker will travel to Latin America, Canada, and Australia to produce stories for Chicago Public Media’s Democracy Solutions project.

Malagón, a Chicago Sun-Times reporter, will investigate immigration practices and policies in Canada, where leaders have embraced increased immigration as an opportunity to fill a growing need for skilled workers. Malagón's reporting will explore how Canada's policies intersect with related issues such as housing, employment, and health care.

Mitchell, a WBEZ reporter, will look at the recent rise in Latin American authoritarian populism and what political scientist Jorge Castañeda has termed “fast democratic deliverables”—inventive interventions that can bring tangible results quickly, such as Brazil’s Bolsa Família, a cash-transfer program tied to poverty-reducing steps, including vaccination and school attendance.

Tucker, executive producer of WBEZ's daily talk show Reset, will explore the effects of Australia’s mandatory voting policy and whether this leads to better civic engagement and more accountability within government.

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