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Pulitzer Center Update September 12, 2023

Outreach of Pulitzer Center Rainforest Investigation Reaches 1 Million People In Cameroon


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Journalist Josiane Kouagheu investigates the system and corruption behind the plundering of Cameroon...

Madeleine Ngeunga, a 2021-22 Rainforest Investigations Network (RIN) Fellow and current Africa editor at the Pulitzer Center, shared her investigation into the illegal timber trade in Cameroon with an audience of over 1 million people in the radio program Magic Attitude on Magic FM Yaounde on September 11, 2023.

Ngeunga discussed how the government in Cameroon has implemented strict measures to ensure sustainable environmental practices. However, illegal timber continues to be transported from Cameroon’s forests to sawmills and onward to markets in Vietnam, China, and other locations around the globe.

The collaborative project was conducted with journalist Josiane Kouagheu, also a 2022 RIN Fellow. The findings were published in InfoCongo and Le Monde Afrique.

In addition to getting a behind-the-scenes look at the investigation, the Yaounde-based radio audience was able to interact with the journalist during a one-hour program that is part of the Pulitzer Center's ongoing engagement program in the Congo Basin called "Talks With Young Professionals." The aim of this program is to foster debate and dialogue around issues raised in Pulitzer Center-supported stories.

Listen to the show in French:



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Rainforest Investigations Network

Rainforest Investigations Network


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