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Pulitzer Center Update December 31, 2022

Our Impact Starts With You


Dear Friend,

Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared stories of our impact across the Pulitzer Center—from the journalism we support, the networks we create, to the public outreach and education that amplifies the reporting across wide and diverse audiences in the United States and around the world.

You are an essential part of our impact. Every reader, follower, grantee, donor, event attendee, student, and educator who engages with our stories and programs helps us make the crucial work we do possible. You are why the Pulitzer Center is able to have such incredible impact. 

In 2022, we asked you for your thoughts on the work we do. Over 70% of our survey respondents said that our reporting has helped them make decisions in their personal or professional lives.

We heard that many of our readers rely on the Pulitzer Center for investigations that reveal wrongdoing and problems around the world, and how those problems are being solved or addressed. Respondents also focused on the way we brought abstract issues "home," helping people draw the connections between the local and the global. One reader shared that the Pulitzer Center affirms the "purpose of being human."

Many readers highlighted our work around peace and conflict—not only in Ukraine, but also in Somalia, Ethiopia, Myanmar, and Haiti—and on racial justice in the United States.

“The Center is holding people in power accountable for actions/inactions that have an impact on citizens and societies, at a time when the free press is dealing with a rise in authoritarianism, mis/disinformation, and readership declines.”

-2022 audience survey respondent

Beyond widening our scope of understanding of underreported issues, our work is also creating connections and new opportunities for dialogue: “Building bridges of empathy, affinity, and understanding—especially between people who may believe they are vastly different.”

Our grantees and Fellows shared how much their own professional journeys have been transformed as a result of our support, especially in places where press freedoms are under threat. The Pulitzer Center “encourages people like me who do journalism in authoritarian countries to keep going.”

Be a part of this change in 2023. Because the Pulitzer Center is a nonprofit organization, your financial support is tax deductible. Will you help us advance journalism and education for the public good?

Thank you for being part of our journey—and our story still to come! 

Best wishes for a happy new year,