Why the Pulitzer Center

The Pulitzer Center's mission has always been to help inform and engage American audiences on the most critical issues of our time, advancing scientific, cultural, religious, environmental, political and social understanding—across borders, and within local communities.

We must promote understanding of the vital role of journalism in sustaining our democracy—and we need to deepen our techniques for increasing the credibility of journalism with the public. And for the freelance journalists who carry an increasing burden of global reporting, we work to create sustainable and safe careers.

By providing support to cover the hard costs of reporting, we build bridges between journalists and multiple news outlets, and promote collaborative projects from documentary productions and e-books to interactive presentations and live performances.

Your support helps us achieve these vital outcomes:

  • A public with a deeper understanding of critical global issues, and an increased appetite for quality international reporting;
  • Resources for journalists to effectively cover global issues;
  • Top-tier news outlets more likely to partner to bring global stories to their audiences;
  • Teachers more likely to teach global issues in their classrooms;
  • Students with an increased knowledge of global issues, an appetite for more, and a deeper appreciation of what "quality" news is.

More Information

For more information, please contact us at development@pulitzercenter.org or 202-332-0982.

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, employer ID 27-0458242, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.