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Pulitzer Center Update March 31, 2016

News Bites and Lesson of the Week: Iran


Image by Reese Erlich. Iran, 2017.

President Trump's attempts to undermine the nuclear accord have united Iranians against the U.S. A...

Media file: iran_youth_at_rally.jpg
Youth rally for reformist presidential candidate. Image by Reese Erlich. Iran, 2005.

Dear Educators,

News Bite 8, "Nuclear Agreement with Iran"

In a televised address on Sunday, President Obama celebrated the arrival of two key moments in the nuclear agreement with Iran:

1) The release of four Iranian-Americans who had been detained in Iran
2) Iran's fulfillment of key commitments to disassembling its nuclear program

This week's lesson invites students to explore the Iranian perspective of the agreement through reporting by Pulitzer Center grantee Reese Erlich.

Lesson of the Week 8, "The Debate Over Sanctions in Iran: How Does a Journalist Respond to Conflicting Points of View?

Our featured Lesson of the Week is "The Debate Over Sanctions in Iran: How Does a Journalist Respond to Conflicting Points of View?" by our brand-new education team member Fareed Mostoufi.

A review on what this weekly email is all about:

Ninety percent of you have told us that you regularly use current events in your classroom. So we'll feature a small "News Bite," which will contain one piece of Pulitzer Center journalism content—an article, photograph, podcast or short film—that relates to something in the news that week, as well as a brief lesson outline and a few guiding questions. We're hoping these News Bites will be an easy way for you to access fresh, topical content. We'll also include an in-depth "Lesson of the Week," written either by a Pulitzer Center staff member or curriculum developer or a member of our Educators' Community, on any subject.

As always, we're eager for your suggestions. Let us know what you think.

Very best,
Mark, Fareed and Amanda

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Nuclear Threats


Nuclear Threats

Nuclear Threats