Resource September 17, 2015

Meet the Journalist: Reese Erlich

Image by Reese Erlich. Iran, 2017.

President Trump's attempts to undermine the nuclear accord have united Iranians against the U.S. A...

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Bazaar shopkeeper Mehdi Panahi supports the nuclear accord. Image by Reese Erlich. Iran, 2015.

U.S. and European sanctions have long isolated Iran's economy, raising the costs of even the most basic purchases. The sanctions made it virtually impossible to transfer money through normal banking channels. Students studying abroad, for instance, were stranded when parents could no longer send money for their expenses.

The new nuclear agreement will lift those sanctions. While most Iranians seem to welcome the deal, there are some skeptics.

Pulitzer Center grantee and veteran correspondent Reese Erlich spent 10 days in Iran talking to over two dozen people about the nuclear agreement—controversial in both Washington and Tehran, although for very different reasons. In this video Iranians speak out on the nuclear deal at the Tehran Bazaar and at Friday prayers.


Nuclear Threats


Nuclear Threats

Nuclear Threats