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Pulitzer Center Update March 31, 2016

News Bites and Lesson Plan of the Week: Road Safety

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Roads Kill

From HIV/AIDS to malaria and tuberculosis, poor countries endure more than their share of health...

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Image by Kristianto Purnomo. Indonesia, 2013.

Dear Educators,

Happy Read Across America day! Here are this week's featured lesson plans and updates on the Pulitzer Center's education events:

News Bite Lesson: Pedestrian Safety

More than 1.2 million are killed on the world's roads each year - and that number is increasing rapidly," writes Pulitzer Center senior editor Tom Hundley in the introduction to the project "Roads Kill." Start a dialogue with your classroom about safety in your community's streets with this week's News Bite lesson from interns Elana Dure and Seiler Smith.

Featured Lesson: Analyzing Nuclear Arms Funding in the U.S.

How much should the United States be spending on its nuclear programs?

This lesson from the Pulitzer Center education team uses video aired last week on PBS NewsHour, class discussion and writing to investigate the current debate around funding the nuclear triad.

Education News: Opportunities and Resources for Teachers

Teachers for Global Classrooms Program
Applications due March 7, 2016

Apply this week for the Teachers for Global Classrooms program, a year-long professional development initiative for K-12 teachers aimed at globalizing teaching and learning in U.S. classrooms. Participating teachers receive one year of online professional development, a 2-3 week international travel experience, professional learning credits and much more. The application deadline is Monday, March 7. Click here for more information.

Fantastic Resource Alert!

PBS NewsHour Extra publishes lesson plans, resource guides and activities connecting classrooms to current events in the United States and throughout the world. The NewsHour Extra team also curates the Student Reporting Labs program, which uses innovative journalism curriculum and access to public broadcasting mentors to guide students in the creation of original news reports. Click here to sign up for the PBS NewsHour Extra's weekly newsletter.

Featured Project for Students: "The Ends of the Earth" by Dan Zak

Click here to learn more about journalist Dan Zak and his reporting on the effects of U.S. nuclear tests in the Marshall Islands. Create your own lesson plan using Dan's work with our Lesson Builder.

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Health Inequities

Health Inequities