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Pulitzer Center Update June 8, 2016

News Bites and Lesson Plan of the Week: The Future of Ireland


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It is being marked as the turning point for Irish freedom, but as they celebrate the centenary of...

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Dear Educators,

This week's news bite lesson explores the challenges facing Ireland in the face of the 100-year anniversary of Easter Rising, a rebellion that planted seeds for Ireland's ultimate division into the primarily Catholic Republic of Ireland in the south and primarily Protestant Northern Ireland, which remains part of the United Kingdom.

This week we also celebrate the students and staff at the New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies, who completed a semester-long investigation of "slow journalism" inspired by the Out of Eden Walk last Friday by presenting on mindful reporting trips they took throughout NYC. Read more below!

News Bite Lesson: Ireland 100 Years After Easter Rising

This lesson plan explores video and photography by Laura Flanders, who returns to Ireland thirty years after reporting on The Troubles, a three-decade long conflict that stemmed from debate about territory in Northern Ireland. The lesson plan uses writing and discussion to analyze current political and financial issues facing Irish communities, while also analyzing how Flanders uses the centennial celebration of Ireland's Easter Rising rebellion to frame her reporting.

Featured Lesson: Recycling as a Cultural Issue

This week's featured lesson was written by Chicago Public Schools Human Geography teacher Catherine Irving and asks students to analyze how communities from different religious and cultural backgrounds are navigating climate change debates. This lesson is a fantastic example of how the Lesson Builder can be used to build simple homework assignments that lead to deeper dialogue about pressing social issues.

EDUCATION NEWS: NYC Lab School Seniors Take "Out of Lab" walks inspired by Paul Salopek

Last week, NYC Lab School students presented what they found when taking a "slow approach" to reporting throughout New York City. Their presentations were the culmination of a semester-long analysis of "slow journalism" that was inspired by National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek's Out of Eden Walk and included a deep analysis of Pulitzer Center reporting. Students began their investigation of the Out of Eden Walk by speaking directly with Paul Salopek over Skype. Several Pulitzer Center journalists then visited students to share how they apply reporting skills to investigating pressing world issues. By May, students prepared to embark on their own "Out of Lab" reporting projects. Check out this blog post from Education Director Mark Schulte to learn more about the "Out of Lab" process, and to find what what the students discovered on their walks.

Interested in bringing a similar reporting project to your school? Contact .

EDUCATION NEWS: Thank you for supporting our Do More 24 campaign!

Last week, our Do More 24 online fundraising campaign raised $340 for our education initiatives in Washington DC. We are so grateful to everyone who donated and shared our campaign for helping us raise money that will be used next year to support programming for DC students.

If you are still interested in supporting Pulitzer Center's reporting and education initiatives,

Featured Project of the Week: "The Corporate Balkanization of Nation States" by Claire Provost and Matt Kennard

here to learn more about Claire Provost and Matt Kennards's reporting on "corporate utopias," special communities and cities that some countries design with dream-like features to attract investment from large corporations.

If you are interested in connecting Claire and Matt to your students in person, or over Skype, please contact .

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