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Pulitzer Center Update April 6, 2008

Loretta Tofani Wins Michael Kelly Award

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Reporter Loretta Tofani gets inside America's factory, China, where the lack of health and safety...

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Image by Loretta Tofani. China, 2007.

Loretta Tofani has won the 2008 Michael Kelly Award for her series "American Imports, Chinese Deaths."

The $25,000 award "honors a writer or editor whose work exemplifies a quality that animated Michael Kelly's career: the fearless pursuit and expression of truth." (Michael Kelly Award Press Release) Tofani was chosen from over 50 journalists for 2007 work published in U.S. newspapers and magazines.

Tofani's reporting investigates the dangerous working conditions in Chinese factories that make American exports. Her coverage stemmed from numerous interviews with dying workers, thorough review of their medical records and a first-hand look into the factories where poor safety conditions led to their loss of limbs and fatal diseases.

"I worked for a year without pay on the reporting that led to 'American Imports, Chinese Deaths.'" said Tofani. "I couldn't have done it without $14,000 in travel support from the Pulitzer Center. This project was also made possible by Pulitzer Center director Jon Sawyer's moral support and encouragement, from start to finish."

Tofani's "American Imports, Chinese Deaths" series has won multiple other awards and honors, including the Investigative Reporters and Editors' Gold Medal.

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