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Pulitzer Center Update June 18, 2009 Wins Interactive Annual award for Info Design!


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Poet and writer Kwame Dawes travels to Jamaica to explore the experience of people living with HIV...

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Multiple Authors was one of 38 interactive websites selected from over 2084 entries to receive recognition by Communication Arts as "best interactive of the year." was recognized alongside 10 other sites in the Info Design category.

In collaboration with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, LiveHopeLove chronicles poet Kwame Dawes's return to Jamaica to meet and chronicle people living with HIV/AIDS. For the purpose of raising awareness of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean, the interactive presentation traces Kwame's route through the country via a lyrical interface that creates connections between disparate sections of the site to provide a path for non-linear exploration. Tailored with photography, music and video, it provides an immediate visual impact and pulls visitors into the lives that provided the inspiration for Kwame's poignant words.

Interactive Annual jurist Ranee Chung called LiveHopeLove "a striking piece that brings the depth of the issue to life. Simple and honest, with personal words, voices and music, it is mindful of the circumstances while being resolutely hopeful. Vibrant photography creates a powerful counterpoint to the seriousness of the subject. "

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