Pulitzer Center Update

Jennifer Redfearn featured in New York Times article on Carteret Islands

Pulitzer-funded documentary filmmaker Jennifer Redfearn was quoted and her photography was featured in today's New York Times piece on the Carteret Islands. Redfearn's documentary, "Sun Come Up", follows the relocation of some of the world's first climate change refugees – the Carteret Islanders, a matrilineal community living on an island chain, 50 miles off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

"The Next Wave," a short version of "Sun Come Up," is one of two Pulitzer-funded documentaries that will be featured at the Ninth Annual Media That Matters Film Festival on June 3 in New York City. "Bolivia's Coca Culture" by Gabrielle Weiss will also be shown. Twelve total documentaries were selected from nearly 500 submissions to the festival.