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Pulitzer Center Update June 2, 2008

"House Call in Hell" to be featured at Silverdocs

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With HIV rates second only to those of sub-Saharan Africa, Caribbean islands that conjure visions of...

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"House Call in Hell," a video examining overcrowding, poor sanitation and disease in Haiti's National Penitentiary, has been selected as one of the five short documentaries from the online Current Rocks SilverDocs contest to be screened at the 2008 SilverDocs Film Festival, hosted by the American Film Institute and the Discovery Channel.

The annual documentary festival honors excellence in international filmmaking and will be held at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, Maryland, from June 16-23.

This video was part of a larger reporting project addressing HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean. Reporter Antigone Barton and filmmaker Steve Sapienza traveled throughout the Caribbean addressing the effect of the disease on a region where HIV/AIDS rates are second only to those in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Watch this video on our Heroes: HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean interactive website

Watch this video on YouTube


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