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Pulitzer Center Update April 21, 2021

Environment (Re)Defined: Welcome Session

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On April 20, 2021, the Pulitzer Center launched Environment (Re)Defined, our 2021 conference and a virtual global gathering with journalists and audiences from around the world. This introductory session guides you through some of the hundreds of reporting projects focused on the environment we've supported over the past 15 years. It provides a window into the work covered during the conference and opens the door to other reporting you can visit on your own.

- Jon Sawyer, Pulitzer Center executive director
- Marina Walker Guevara, Pulitzer Center executive editor

With pre-recorded segments by: 
- SydneyBlu Garcia-Yao, a 2020 Fighting Words contest winner 
- Francesca Edralin, Pulitzer Center Rainforest Journalism Fund intern
- Leonor Grave, Pulitzer Center Rainforest Journalism Fund intern
- Leilani Rania Ganser, Pulitzer Center grants and impact coordinator
- Holly Piepenburg, Pulitzer Center outreach coordinator
- Gustavo Faleiros, Pulitzer Center environment investigations editor
- Kayla Edwards, Pulitzer Center outreach assistant
- Claire Seaton, Pulitzer Center multimedia coordinator
- Ethan Ehrenhaft, Pulitzer Center development and impact assistant

All conference session recordings will be available on our Webinars On-Demand page. 


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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change