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Pulitzer Center Update June 12, 2012

Abortion: "A Right Gone Wrong" Series Featured in South Africa

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This reporting initiative partners African and US journalists to explore critical challenges in...

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Posters advertising illegal abortions can be seen all over downtown areas, like the ones above in Hillbrow neighborhood of Johannesburg. Image by Jake Naughton. South Africa, 2012.

Estelle Ellis, one of the reporters involved in our collaborative reproductive health reporting project, has just published her in-depth series on the abortion crisis gripping the Eastern Cape province in South Africa.

Estelle has spent the last few months reporting on the topic; Pulitzer Center journalists Jina Moore and Jake Naughton joined her in the field in late March.

Her reporting takes a look at the challenges facing the Eastern Cape's Health Department as demand for free abortions in state clinics far outstrips supply, and the resulting rise in illegal abortions.

Click here to read the whole story.


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