What is the connection between climate change and labor rights?

While climate change receives 400X more media coverage, labor issues, often underreported, are silently affecting the lives of millions of workers worldwide. They grapple with rising temperatures, sea-level threats, and unsustainable work practices. Learn more by engaging with Pulitzer Center reporting, and register for the "Our Work/Environment Dialogues" webinar series in January 2024.


The Climate and Labor Dialogues will ignite meaningful discussions on topics for people working in the intersection of climate and labor, highlighting the climate risks faced by diverse business sectors and the implications for workers’ rights in different countries.

JANUARY 17, 2024

Getting to Just: Energy Transition and its Impact on the Job Landscape and Labor Rights

Join Pulitzer Center journalists and staff along with researchers and labor experts for a conversation on the impacts of the green transition.

JANUARY 24, 2024

Work Relations, Coastal Communities, and Ocean Levels

Explore the impacts of rising sea levels and climate change on workers and coastal communities in this discussion with journalists, educators, and movement leaders.

JANUARY 31, 2024

The Cost of Comfort: How Everyday Choices and Business Practices Impact the Environment and Labor

Pulitzer Center journalists and academics will delve into the intricate connection between the environment, labor rights, and the business of wellness and lifestyle.



From Herders to Fishers: A Tale of Climate-Induced Livelihood Adaptivity

How do former pastoralists still perceive the wealth and social hierarchy that animals signify for them?


The Fight To Protect Outdoor Laborers From High Heat

Despite record-breaking heat this summer, there is no federal safety standard to protect outdoor workers.


Impact of Changing Climate on Incomes, Labour, and Migration in India

Poor people in India didn’t contribute to global warming, but they suffer the worst consequences of it.


The Pulitzer Center, a nonprofit organization that supports independent global journalism, is now accepting applications for a reporting initiative focused on climate change and its effects on workers and work.


Our Work/Environment Reporting Grants

As the world heats up, what jobs and employment sectors, what factory practices, what sorts of manufacturing–from computer chips to batteries to food production to fast-fashion–are threatened or must change? We want you to reveal the real-world problems of working as temperatures rise, and then tell us much more.


Impact Seed Funding

The Impact Seed Funding (ISF) by the Southeast Asia Journalist–Scientists Hub is a micro-scale grant to facilitate further education related activities that take inspiration from the under-reported stories about forests under the Rainforest Reporting Grants and Rainforest Investigation Network (RIN).


We believe in radical sharing of methodologies and lessons learned from the projects we support so they may serve as valuable resources and blueprints for other newsrooms, universities, and civil society organizations pursuing similar projects.


2023 Climate & Labor Conference

With a global and regional focus, the conference cultivated powerful discussions amongst the academics, journalists, students, and social movements that are framing the future narrative of this issue in the context of climate justice. Attendees engaged in discussions on climate and labor themes, including global power, social justice, health, capitalism, colonialism, extreme heat, and land rights.


Our Work/Environment

Our Work/Environment is a funding initiative to encourage reporting that illuminates how pivotal work sectors may be upended by high temperatures, climate-related floods and droughts, and unpredictable weather—and how communities and companies must adapt.


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