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Yellow Skies



Desertification is one of the most important environmental challenges facing the world today...

Sandstorms are one of the most visually distinct phenomena associated with the problem of desertification. As the spring winds blow, dry and degraded topsoil is picked up and thrown into the air to be carried in immense clouds of sand and dust. They originate in the northern-central and western desert regions of the country. Moving east, the sandstorms regularly descend upon China's capital Beijing.

In recent years, these same sandstorms have been known to be carried on to South Korea, Japan and even as far as the west coast of the United States. The people of China are becoming increasingly familiar with sandstorms and their ability to bring life to almost a standstill. Daily life continues however as people try to cope with one of the most severe and uncomfortable consequences of increasing desertification.



Environment and Climate Change


Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change

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